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for piano

Ongoing - Cumulative duration ca. 23'30"

  1. Moving Parts (2014) - 2'

  2. Ebb and Flow (2014) - 2'

  3. Hunt and Peck (2016) - 3'

  4. Morning Tea (2017) - 4'

  5. Dying Light (2017) - 3'30"

  6. Wind-Up Pitch (2018) - 3'

  7. Drifting Off (2019) - 3'

  8. Tension Span (2020) - 3'

Program Note

       My series of Attitudes for piano riff on the traditions of preludes, postludes, and etudes. Preludes and postludes for piano are, as my colleague and friend Sean William Calhoun once pointed out to me, often prelude or postlude to nothing in particular. Instead, they are often compositional exercises on one or two musical ideas, or a short evocation of a mood. Also, as an incredibly lackluster pianist I don't consider myself suited to write etudes intended to increase the technique of a pianist. Therefore, the name of "attitudes" for this set of short character pieces seems particularly appropriate.

       The titles of the first two, written in very close proximity, ended up consisting of three syllables, with stress placed on the first and last; I continued with this naming convention for the rest of the set. I keep writing them, and will probably stop at some point, perhaps when they number a multiple of ten or twelve (after Bach). For convenience's sake, the pieces are listed in chronological order, but performers are invited to play them in any order and combination they see fit.


Moving Parts:

Ebb and Flow:

Nos. 1 & 2, performed by Andreas Foivos-Apostolou

​Hunt and Peck:

Morning Tea:

Dying Light:

Nos. 3, 4, & 5, performed by Sean William Calhoun

​Wind-Up Pitch:

Drifting Off:

Tension Span:

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